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Where To Get My PCR Test In Istanbul

Where To Get My PCR Test In Istanbul?

At the end of your Istanbul trip, you will have some needs while returning to your country, such as the covid test. The covid test, which entered our lives after the Covid19 epidemic, is a test requested by many countries from people coming to the country. When returning to your country, you must present a negative covid19 result. That’s why you should be prepared for the covid test in Istanbul. In Istanbul, the covid test is carried out in many hospitals, health institutions and laboratories. But it is a fast, reliable and affordable service that you should consider. In addition, while having a covid test in Istanbul, you should definitely examine the flight procedure of the country you are going to. While some countries only accept results from the hospitals they have determined, some countries do not make a distinction in this regard. Again, while some countries want a covid test result taken within 24 hours, this may vary as 48 or 72 hours in some countries. You must pay attention to these issues for the covid test in Istanbul.

Covid test in Istanbul

covid test in IstanbulThe question of where can I get my pcr test in Istanbul also changes in line with the information we provide. If you want to go to a state hospital for the covid test in Istanbul, it may not be a nice experience for you since public hospitals are very crowded. They do not test you at any time and the result of the test is quite late. This period can sometimes take 24 hours and sometimes 36. Considering that there is an urgent need for you, it will not be the right choice. In addition, the covid test in Istanbul is not free, even in public hospitals. And they charge you a minimum fee of 170 TL, approximately 10-11 Euros. Considering the service provided and the stress you experience, this cost will be an unnecessary expense for you. Another alternative for covid testing in Istanbul is private hospitals. These hospitals can deliver the results to you faster than the public hospital. But if it’s not anywhere near you, getting there and coming back will be pretty exhausting. And they will demand a fee of between 300-350 TL, that is, between 20-25 euros. These two options for covid testing in Istanbul will not be very advantageous for you.

The most suitable option for you for covid testing in Istanbul is mobile health services. Hospitals providing mobile health services come to many places such as your hotel, airbnb, home and take samples from you. The teams that come to you are professional nurses. After taking the sample, you will receive your results as a PDF and a QR-coded document within approximately 4-5 hours. Their prices are quite affordable compared to the services provided in private and public hospitals. You can get a covid test in Istanbul for an average of 10-15 euros. Moreover, you can get this service at a time that is convenient for you. In order to save both money and time, this option will definitely be the most suitable for you for the covid test in Istanbul.

Covid-19 PCR Testing

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