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What Turkish Night Show Dinner Cruise

What Turkish Night Show Dinner Cruise

What Turkish Night Show Dinner Cruise ?

With the magnificent charm of quality food, unlimited entertainment and dance performances, we increase the dose of entertainment with magnificent activities in the Turkish Night Shows that you will never forget and want to experience again. Those in the program where all needs can be easily met;

  • Easy access is provided.
  • Watching the whole Istanbul with the Bosphorus tour.
  • A delicious dinner break with a wide range of products.
  • Unforgettable dance performances and DJ performances.

Bosphorus Tour with Turkish Night Show

Turkish Night Show

Experience an unforgettable evening of dining, wine and entertainment with the city tour. Admire the magnificent views of its beautifully lit palaces, mosques and Bosphorus bridges and enjoy a varied and delicious meal with a selection of drinks. All kinds of transportation facilities are also provided for those who want to reach all these beauties. Those included in the program in the Turkish night shows;

  • A 4-hour dinner trip between Europe and Asia in the Bosphorus
  • Watch the sun set on the Bosphorus
  • Soak up the illuminated glory of Istanbul landmarks at night
  • Feast on a variety of exquisite dishes inspired by Turkish culinary classics
  • Sip unlimited drinks from a bar on a boat
  • Enjoy live boat entertainment by a team of professional dancers

You can plan a pleasant Bosphorus tour for an evening in the perfect atmosphere of Istanbul. With impressive performances, you can have a perfect dinner with a view of the Bosphorus tour. While enjoying your dinner, you have the opportunity to watch performances such as Turkish folk plays, Caucasian shows, DJ performances and oriental performances. Later in your evening trip with traditional Turkish dishes and enjoy unlimited drinks. Watch the shows of dancers professionally prepared for you as you sip your drink comfortably. Enjoy this exciting music and dance show that sheds light on many different cultures. Then get ready for the classic oriental dance. When the show is over, spend the last few minutes admiring the sparkling city when your boat arrives at the harbor. Don’t forget to reserve a seat to attend the next Turkish night show.

Thanks to our two-way transfers, our customers are offered easy access. A 4-hour Bosphorus tour is available to explore Istanbul from the sea. You will enjoy the perfect dinner with the unique view of the Bosphorus of Istanbul. In addition to transportation and Bosphorus tour services, unlimited beverage rights are also offered to customers. You will never forget the magnificent Turkish night shows, the Bosphorus tour and the delicious dinner.

You can book your Turkish Night Show Dinner Cruise with Istanbool Tour, which is one of the best Bosphorus tours in Istanbul, by clicking here or contacting us at Whatsapp +90 542 625 14 25.


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