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PCR Test in Istanbul

Pcr Test in Istanbul

“In this article, you will find information about the PCR test in Istanbul, and the latest Covid-19 situation in the city.”

PCR Test in Istanbul

One of the most memorable and beautiful travel experiences a person may have is visiting Istanbul. With its wonderful historical monuments, architectural heritages, natural beauties, and the unmatched Bosphorus, Istanbul is one of the most appealing cities in the world. After the worldwide epidemic, traveling to Istanbul has become a little more complicated, as you must now receive a Covid-19 test in order to freely explore the city. Thankfully, getting a Covid-19 test and receiving speedy results is really straightforward and painless with Istanbool Tour. Istanbool Tour ensures that your test is completed securely and accurately, ensuring that your test findings are always accurate. Without causing you any difficulty or agony, our specialists thoroughly carry out the testing procedure. You won’t have to wait for your results at the airport if you select IstanboolTour. You can take use of our private transportation services to arrive to your hotel and relax in your hotel room while waiting for the test results. In most cases, test results are ready in 30 to 45 minutes.

Latest Situation of The Pandemic in Turkey

In Turkey and Istanbul, the number of daily Covid-19 instances has dropped dramatically in the previous two months. From May 2022, you may see some instances of everyday Covid-19 cases in Turkey.

Date       Cases         Tests        Deaths

23 MAY 2022 922 123.536 3
22 MAY 2022 905 118.852 5
21 MAY 2022 1.264 138.386 3
20 MAY 2022 1.017 129.945 4
19 MAY 2022 1.485 137.730 4

The number of daily instances is continuing to decline, as evidenced by the data. According to these figures, it is reasonable to claim that visiting Istanbul is fully risk-free, and that you will almost certainly avoid contracting the Covid.

Booking Your PCR Testing and Airport Transportation in Advance

With IstanboolTour, you can easily book your PCR Testing and airport transportation even before arriving at Istanbul, which makes everything a lot easier once you arrive. You can easily book these services from our website, or by messaging us at (+905426251425) via WhatsApp. Your booking process will be complete in minutes, and Istanbool Tour will help your Istanbul trip be a lot more hassle-free and enjoyable.

You can click here for more information about the latest Covid-19 news in Turkey and Istanbul, Covid-19 procedures, and Istanbool Tour’s other services services, such as Bosphorus cruises and city tours.

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