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Mansions of The Bosphorus

Mansions of The Bosphorus

In this article, we will tell you about the Mansions of The Bosphorus, one of the important symbols of Istanbul.

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Mansions of The Bosphorus

When Istanbul is mentioned, the Bosphorus, and when the Bosphorus is mentioned, mansions immediately come to mind. Beautiful and special mansions lined up like pearls on the shores of the Bosphorus… Some of them are the luckiest people in Istanbul, while others are unfortunately left to solitude. The only way to see these historical mansions is with a pleasant boat tour on the Bosphorus. You can watch these beautiful mansions throughout the tour by choosing one of the Bosphorus tours we offer on our site. Let’s meet some of the most magnificent and beautiful mansions now.

Emine Valide Pasha Mansion

Location: Bebek

First of all, the reason why I added this mansion to my list is that it was the mansion of Emine Valide Pasha, who was the only woman who was given the title of pasha during the Ottoman period. Emine Valide Pasha wanted to donate this mansion, which looks quite historical and elegant at the same time, to the Turkish State, but because she was addressed as Emine Hanım from Bebek in official correspondence, she got angry and donated her mansion to the Egyptian State. As a result, this mansion is currently used as the Egyptian Consulate.

Yusuf Ziya Pasha Mansion

Location: Rumeli Hisarı

Yusuf Ziya Pasha Mansion, which is different from the other mansions and is different from the usual architecture of Istanbul, belongs to Yusuf Ziya Pasha, one of the famous merchants of the period. This mansion, which has a fantastic name among the people as Haunted House, will immediately attract your attention when you are on the shores of Rumeli Hisarı on your Bosphorus tour.

Esna Sultan Mansion

Location: Ortaköy

Another interesting and favorite mansion of Istanbul; Esma Sultan Mansion. This mansion was built for the daughter of Abdulhamid I, Esma Sultan, but in 1975, when it was used as a coal warehouse, it was turned into ashes by a big fire. The mansion, which was restored in a different way with the purchase of a hotel group, is now the apple of the eye for flamboyant weddings and organizations.

Fehime and Hatice Sultan Mansions

Location: Ortaköy

Again, our address is Ortaköy, and this time we are together with a mansion with a double name. This beautiful mansion, which will fascinate you in terms of appearance, has been used as a school for a while, and now serves as a luxury hotel.

Recaizade Mahmud Ekrem Mansion

Location: İstinye

This mansion, which will make you feel the historical architecture from far away, is named after the author because the famous Turkish writer Recaizade Mahmud Ekrem was born here. Who wouldn’t be a writer staying in this mansion, which is also known as the Writer’s Mansion

Afif Ahmed Pasha Mansion

Location: İstinye-Yeniköy

There are dozens of other mansions in Istanbul that will impress you, but I would like to introduce Afif Ahmed Pasha Mansion, which I chose as our last mansion, in order not to prolong our article. Its different architecture and its flamboyance that will attract you from afar takes place in the Bosphorus with all its nobility. Built in neo-baroque style, this mansion is now owned by a famous family.

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