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What to Buy From Istanbul

What to Buy From Istanbul

“Istanbul is a great city with a large variety of shopping malls, bazaars, and more. For those who don’t know what to buy from Istanbul, this article will list some of the things that you can buy from Istanbul.”

What to Buy From Istanbul?

Istanbul is a very big city of dozens of bazaars and shopping malls, gift shops, and shops of luxurious brands. Although there are countless things to buy that you can only find in Istanbul, some things come before the others. In this guide, we will give you a list of suggestions about what to buy from Istanbul.

Turkish Coffee

You can drink Turkish Coffee in almost every single cafe in Istanbul, but did you know that you can buy Turkish Coffee and make it at home? Turkish Coffee is very easy to make, and it can be found in powder form in most markets and spice shops. Turkish Coffee can be made easily at any home without any machines required. All you need is some Turkish Coffee powder, and a cezve (a kind of a coffee pot), which can also be bought from many places in Istanbul. But even if you don’t have a cezve, or you couldn’t find one, you can still make Turkish Coffee in a small pan. 

You can also buy Turkish Coffee sets, which are specially made and embellished Turkish ceramics, specially made and used for drinking Turkish Coffee.

Turkish Sweets

What to Buy From Istanbul

There are various Turkish Sweets, such as Turkish delight or “Cezerye”, which is a kind of dried fruit pulp. Since all the Turkish Sweets can be stored for several months or even years, especially the harder ones such as Mevlana Candy, you can buy them and bring them to your home to remember the beauties of Istanbul and Turkey every time you eat them. Turkish Sweets can be found in several places and even in supermarkets, but there are also special confection shops for buying the freshest Turkish Sweets.

Turkish Raki 

What to Buy From Istanbul

One of the most popular drinks of Turkey is the Turkish Raki, which is a kind of alcohol-based drink that has a peculiar way of preparing and consuming. Turkish Raki is made of the special seeds of a herb called anise. Turkish Raki is usually consumed by mixing it with water. Turkish Raki originally doesn’t have colour, but when it is mixed with water, it gets an off-white colour. Turkish Raki is usually consumed with local appetisers, olive, and sweet fruits such as melon. Turkish Raki can be found in every drink shop in Istanbul. The most popular Raki brands are Yeni Rakı and Tekirdağ Rakısı.

Ottoman Jewellery

What to Buy From Istanbul

In Istanbul, you can find handmade Ottoman Jewellery in various places. Ottoman Jewellery are hand-crafted special jewellery that are made inspired by the Ottoman designs. The most popular Ottoman Jewellery are rings and necklaces, but there are also Ottoman bracelets and earrings. Ottoman Jewellery are mostly made of special opaque gems, but there are also different kinds that are made of diamonds and other precious gems such as ruby and sapphire. 


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