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Countries Requesting PCR Testing

PCR Test Near Me

Countries Requesting PCR Testing

As part of the Covid19 measures, many countries have brought some rules for their own safety. Each country accepts guests with a corona virus test submitted within 24, 48 ​or 72 hours within its own rules. The Corona virus test is a test performed with swab samples taken from the mouth and nose, so that it checks if you have the corona virus in your body. When your corona virus test result is positive, you probably won’t be able to travel. At the end of the quarantine, if you get a negative result by taking the corona virus test again, you will be able to continue your life from where you left off.

At the beginning of the Covid19 epidemic, many countries had closed themselves outside. With the normalization decisions taken over time, the entrance and exit were opened, but the precautions continued. Countries requesting a coronavirus test vary depending on which country you come from. While some countries do not request this from any country,other countries require a coronavirus test from the citizens of countries they consider to be risky. But especially cause of the increase in vaccination, the opening of the tourism season and the demand for a complete normalization of life, these rules have begun to be stretched. Travel rules change frequently with short time intervals. Hence, it is recommended to check the rules of the country you want to go to before your travels. While traveling from your own country to Istanbul, there may not be a corona virus test requirement, but when in return, your own country may request a coronavirus test at the entrance.

The healthiest way to learn about the countries requesting the PCR test is to get information from the airline company from which you will buy the plane ticket. It can be difficult to reach reliable information because of the flight rules that change with short intervals.

Countries Requesting PCR Testing

PCR Testing Near Me

If you need a coronavirus test on your way back to your country at the end of your Istanbul trip, you can easily access it. Mobile health teams coming to wherever you are in Istanbul take samples from you and take them to the laboratory for coronavirus testing. Your results will be sent to you in a pdf file in English within 4-5 hours. In this way, you do not need to go to a health institution for a coronavirus test. With very reasonable prices, you can save time and end your trip in a pleasant way. You can also do the antigen test, which is a type of coronavirus test, by checking the flight rules of the countries you are going to. The antigen test is a test that gives results within 15-20 minutes and the result is delivered to you in pdf format.


Covid-19 PCR Testing

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