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Where to Eat in Istanbul

Where to Eat in Istanbul

“Being the most populated and visited city of Turkey, Istanbul offers its visitors a large variety of foods. In this article, you will find information about where to eat in Istanbul.”

Where to Eat in Istanbul?

Being considered the heart of Turkish culture by many people, Istanbul offers its visitors an unbelievably large variety of different meals, desserts, drinks and more, from Anatolian Cuisine and Middle-Eastern Cuisine. Being the most visited city in Turkey, Istanbul offers more than any other city in the Middle East could offer, by means of food, tourist attractions, and natural beauties.

While Istanbul is home to some of the local cuisine restaurants in Turkey, such as kebab restaurants, it also offers its visitors less known but incredibly delicious tastes, such as Ottoman seraglio dishes. Further in this article, we will inform you about where to eat in Istanbul, as well as what to eat in Istanbul.

Kebab Restaurants

Where to Eat in Istanbul

There are hundreds if not thousands of kebab restaurants in Istanbul. Although most of them offer high quality and delicious food, there are some kebab restaurants that make eating kebab a completely different, and almost a heavenly experience. Although any of these kebab restaurants can’t offer you every single different kebab in their menu, since there are more than 110 different kinds of kebab, it is certain that you will enjoy every single one of your bites in these kebab restaurants:

  • Adana Ocakbasi (Located in Nisantasi, Baysungur St.)
  • Develi 1912 Samatya (Located in Fatih, Samatya)
  • Sehzade Cag Kebab (Located in Eminonu, Ankara St.)
  • Beyti (Located in Bakirkoy)

Anatolian Cuisine Restaurants

Where to Eat in Istanbul

Just like kebab restaurants, there are countless Anatolian Cuisine restaurants in Istanbul, most of which offer their visitors unforgettable tastes. However, when it comes to Anatolian Cuisine, the authenticity, the atmosphere and interior design of the restaurant is as important as the dishes, since eating in an Anatolian Cuisine Restaurant isn’t only about the food. Although there are dozens of five-star Anatolian Cuisine Restaurants, some of them outshine the others with other elements alongside the deliciousness of their food. Some of the Anatolian Cuisine Restaurants that you should definitely visit are:

  • Lokanta Kru (Located in Sisli, Tesvikiye)
  • Balat Sahil Restaurant (Located in Balat, Mursel Pasa St.)
  • Sadrazam Mahmut (Located in Beyoglu, Kumbarahane)
  • Komur Lokantasi (Located in Basaksehir, Ziya Gokalp)

Dessert Restaurants

Where to Eat in Istanbul

Istanbul is the place of desserts, as it is much as of kebabs and Anatolian meals. In Istanbul, there are some of the most well-known dessert restaurants in Turkey. Although some of these dessert restaurants aren’t as popular as the ones above, they are still definitely worth a visit. Below, we will list some of the best dessert restaurants in Istanbul.

  • Sekerci Cafer Erol (Has several restaurants the most known of which is located in Kadikoy, Osmanaga)
  • Karakoy Gulluoglu (Located in Karakoy)
  • J’adore (Located in Beyoglu, Asmali Mescit)
  • Saray Muhallebicisi (Has several restaurants, two of which are located in Kadikoy and Beyoglu)

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