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Istanbul Bosphorus Strait

Bosphorus Strait

“In this article, you will find information about Istanbul Bosphorus Strait, which is also known as Bogazici in Turkey”

Istanbul Bosphorus Strait

Istanbul Bosphorus Strait, which is also known as Bosfor or Bogazici, is the only strait that connects the Black Sea and the Mediterranean Sea. Having been one of the most strategic locations for becoming a powerful empire throughout history, Istanbul Bosphorus Strait witnessed countless wars and rulers. 

Bosphorus (from Greek boos poros, “ox ford”) is generally associated with the mythological figure of Io, who traversed the Thracian Bosporus in the guise of a heifer during her wanderings. The Byzantine emperors and subsequently Ottoman sultans built fortifications along the strait’s coasts, notably on the European side, because of the strait’s strategic importance for the defense of Constantinople (Istanbul), which straddles the strait’s southern end. The fortresses of Anadoluhisari (Anatolian Fortress), erected on the Asian bank by Bayezid I in 1390–91, and Rumelihisari (Rumeli Fortress), built just across the strait by Mehmed II in 1452, are two notable examples.

With its magical beauty and long history, Istanbul Bosphorus Strait has been one of the most popular tourist attractions in Turkey. With numerous historical and architectural wonders built alongside it, Bosphorus is not only a thing of beauty with its natural charms, but it also makes these historical and architectural wonders even more unique and beautiful. There are various Bosphorus Tour options for those who want to experience a unique cruise in the middle of the Bosphorus, one of the most popular of which is the  Turkish Night Show with Bosphorus Dinner Trip, organized by IstanboolTour.

Bosphorus Strait hosts some of the most beautiful and important historical places in Istanbul, such as the Maiden’s Tower or Ciragan Palace, which is built alongside the Bosphorus Strait. Below are some of the most iconic places that the Bosphorus is home to.


The Maiden’s Tower

The Maiden’s Tower is located on a tiny island near the southern entry to the Bosphorus, about 650 feet from the coast of Üsküdar. Although the precise date of construction of the Maiden’s Tower is unknown, the architectural style is associated with the 340 BCE period. The landmark was once known as Leandros and Damalis, after Kharis, the king of Athens, and his wife. It was also known as “arcla” during the Byzantine era, which meant “small castle.”

Ciragan Palace

Ciragan Palace is a palace that entices visitors with its stunning architecture and panoramic views of the Bosphorus. Ciragan Palace was designed by Armenian palace architect Nigoayos Balyan for Sultan Abdulaziz in 1863. Ciragan Palace, which was constructed in 1867, has become one of Istanbul’s most famous sights. Ciragan Palace is famous for its breathtaking views of the Bosphorus. When it is lit at night, it is much more stunning. Ciragan Palace is without a doubt one of Istanbul’s and Turkey’s most stunning attractions.

Ciragan Palace

Beylerbeyi Palace

Beylerbeyi Palace, with its distinctive architectural and interior design, was built in 1865 and is one of Istanbul’s most magnificent sights. For a while, Beylerbeyi Palace was a home for pashas before being converted into a museum. Beylerbeyi Palace is renowned for its magnificent gardens and views of the Bosphorus Strait, as well as its unrivaled architecture and interior design.

Beylerbeyi Palace

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