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Princes Island Tour Istanbul

Princes Island

Princes Island Tour Istanbul

Princes Island Tour Istanbul, Princes Island, can be one of the places you should see during your trip to Istanbul. The island off the Marmara Sea have an important place in the history of Istanbul. It draws attention as a place of exile in former Istanbul. We highly recommend you to spend a day while visiting Princes’ Island. This island, which are especially in demand in the summer and spring months, offer you a unforgettable experience. In addition, Princes’ Island tour is an activity that you can do individually or with a group tour. During the tour, you can ride a bike, swim in the sea and spend time with nature. So, how is transportation provided for the Princes’ Island?, what can you do in the island and how many hours does the Princes’ Island tour take? You will find all answers for these questions in our article.

How do you get from Istanbul to Princes Island Tour Istanbul?

Transportation to the Princes’ Island is made by ferries from certain points of Istanbul. Island ferry; It departs from Kabataş pier and Eminönü pier on the European side. The island is reached after a journey that takes about 1.5 hours. From the Anatolian side, it departs from Kartal, Kadıköy and Bostancı piers. Transportation from the Anatolian side to the Princes Island is faster. Transportation can be provided from Kartal pier in 20 minutes, from Bostancı Pier in 30 minutes and from Kadıköy Pier in 40 minutes. Also the number of voyages from Kartal and Bostancı piers is quite high and ferries depart every 30 minutes.


princes islands istanbul

Is Princes island worth visiting?

Definitely one of the places you should see on your Istanbul trip.
The Princes Island are an island without motor vehicles. It is not possible to see a car inside island, except for exceptional situations. Transportation within the Princes Island is usually provided by electric bicycles. To make Princes Island tour, you can rent a bicycle and tour around the island.

Can We Swimm in Princes Island?

If you want to swim, you can prefer the coves and beaches on the island. The beaches are located a little outside of the island centre. Each beach provides transportation with its own boat. Or you can private yacht charter and ask it to take you to the best bays in the Princes Island. You can find the cleanest and most beautiful bays of the Marmara Sea on the Princes Island.

Which Island Is The Best?

The most preferred and popular island is Büyükada. It is the island that attracts the most attention among the Princes’ Island with its beaches, venues and history. If you are planning a Princes Island Tour Istanbul, the first thing you should visit is Büyükada. You can use the ferries departing from Büyükada pier to reach other islands.

Princes Island Tour Istanbul

Why Is It Called Princes Island?

It the place where important people, namely nobles, heirs, clergy and emperors, were exiled during the Byzantine period. But in some sources, this name was given because the Byzantine Emperor Justinus II had a large and magnificent palace built here in 567.


All-Day Trip in Istanbul: Daily Princes Islands Tour

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