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What Is Dinner Cruise

Dinner cruise on the Bosphorus

Dinner cruise on the Bosphorus

Dinner cruise on the Bosphorus, Istanbul is one of the most important cities in the world in terms of history and tourism. But What Is Dinner Cruise ? This city, which was once the cultural capital, has a magnificent strait that divides the Asian and European continents into two. For thousands of years, the shores of the Bosphorus have had the most important artifacts of the civilizations here. It is one of the places you must visit during your Istanbul trip. It is possible to visit the Bosphorus with many different concepts. If you want, you can do a classic Bosphorus tour in one morning, or you may visit the Bosphorus at sunset. But the most exciting and impressive one is definitely the dinner cruise on the Bosphorus. A dinner cruise on the Bosphorus offers you a very delicious and rich menu. During the tour, which lasts for 3.5-4 hours, you will have a good dinner, visit the whole Bosphorus and have a great joy!

What Is Dinner Cruise?

What Is Dinner CruiseDinner cruise on the Bosphorus starts at 20.30 on our ship at Kabataş pier. Firstly, it visits the shores of the European side of Istanbul. By the way, the show program begins. Our program host first greets all the guests and starts the show. The first part of our show is the Sema show. dervish come to the stage and perform their show with soothing music. In the meantime, the beginning of the dinner cruise on the Bosphorus will be ready before you. After the dervish show, our Turkish Folk Dance team continues the program. Entertaining moments await you with local dances from every region of Turkey. The dinner cruise program on the Bosphorus takes you to a great entertainment by every moment. In the meantime, your dinner comes to you to enjoy it. After our Turkish folk dance team, the eye of the night, a belly dancer, takes the stage! Magnificent oriental show fascinates you with the wonderful performance of the belly dancer. The belly dancer first draws attention with her solo oriental show. Afterwards, he visits each table one by one and entertains all the guests. The night continues at full speed with a magnificent belly dancer show. Between each show, the DJ performs to keep you entertained. Dinner cruise on the Bosphorus Caucasian dance shows continue. Our special dance team gives you an interactive show. Our dance team invites one of the guests to the stage. Moreover, our special knife throwing show takes the whole hall’s breath away! During this dance, of course, your dinner pleasure continues on the Bosphorus. You have a very satisfying menu with fruit or sweet treats for you. If you prefer, your menu is prepared specially for you with unlimited local alcohol or soft drinks. As the show continues at full speed, the DJ begins a terrific individual performance. It offers you a nightclub entertainment on the Bosphorus!

You can see both sides of Istanbul with a dinner cruise on the Bosphorus, have a great dinner and join in a great entertainment. In addition, this organization, which also provides transfer service according to the region you are staying, is very advantageous for you. A car comes to your hotel for you, picks you up and drops you back to your hotel at the end of the tour. Considering all these possibilities, a dinner cruise on the Bosphorus during your visit to Istanbul can be a very enjoyable and advantageous activity for you.


Turkish Night Show with Bosphorus Dinner Cruise in Istanbul

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