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Cats of Istanbul

Cats of Istanbul

We have prepared a very enjoyable article for you to both write and read. The subject of our article rather than the pleasant sentences 😊 Because our topic is the cats of Istanbul. Istanbul is a city famous for its many historical sites and straits and has been the capital of civilizations. However, this city has another feature besides these virtues that it is not possible not to admire itself. We can say that cats, who will be your companions on every street of the city, are the most respected hosts of Istanbul.

The history of cats in Istanbul dates back to the Byzantine period. Our little friends, who hosted Istanbul in both the Byzantine and Ottoman periods, are still among the main heroes of Istanbul. Everywhere you visit, they will definitely come across you and they will make you love them with their cuteness. While drinking tea in a cafe, visiting historical places, or even on a Bosphorus tour, you may encounter someone who gets on a boat illegally 😊

Dogs, our other lovely friend, will greet you on the streets of Istanbul as well as cats. Although their reputation is not as widespread as the cats of Istanbul, their history in Istanbul is not new at all. In general, these two cute species, which are generally famous for their fights, host Istanbul with a friendship from the past to the present. We wish you a nice trip to Istanbul with the hope that their friendship will set an example for the whole world.

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