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Where to stay in Istanbul

Where to stay in Istanbul

We will guide you through our summer titled where to stay in Istanbul today and where to stay in Istanbul

Where to stay in Istanbul

The first thing you will look into in any country you will travel abroad is the city you will be staying in. You must select the region that is most suitable for you according to your purpose of visit. We will guide you through our summer titled where to stay in Istanbul today and where to stay in Istanbul. As you know, Istanbul is a metropolis in the combination of the Asian and European continents. Every year millions of people come to Istanbul for a variety of reasons, including touristy, business trips, health trips. First, you need to determine what you’re here for. Before you answer the question of where to stay in Istanbul, you must set your purpose for travel. Now let’s give you a brief overview of the areas in which you can stay in Istanbul.

Old City 






Old city; Sultanahmet, Laleli, White, Sirkeci, Eminonu, Aksaray and Grand Bazaar are located nearby. It’s the most popular area for people who come for tourist visits. Because you can walk to all the historical and tourist sites. If you are coming to explore and explore Istanbul, I strongly recommend staying in this area. Because the opportunity to walk anywhere during your trip to Istanbul will be a great opportunity for you. In addition, many types of groups you want to join will provide you with pick up and drop off service. For example, if you would like to join a bosphorus tour, when you make a reservation, when you tell them about your hotel, they will say they can pick you up at the hotel and drop you off at the hotel. And they won’t charge anything for it.

Where to stay in Istanbul-Old City
Where to stay in Istanbul-Old City

Taksim Square

Taksim Square is a very important area in terms of history and attraction. In particular, Istiklal Street is the head of the tourist favorite areas. He has many alternatives for historical churches, museums and shopping. The venue offers rooms with the city center. The Marmara and Hilton Bosphorus are located in the area. It’s also a very advantageous area for public transport. Taksim Square is one of the places you can choose to stay in Istanbul. It is the area where you can write in the first place on your list when you think about where to stay in Istanbul.

Where to stay in Istanbul-Taksim
Where to stay in Istanbul-Taksim


Şişli and Mecidiyekoy are among the locations you can choose, especially for business trips. This area is at the center of public transport vehicles. It is also close to many shopping malls and the street where you can shop. You can choose this area as it is very close to the Nisantasi, especially if you want to shop in luxury.

Other alternatives to stay in Istanbul are Pendik district nearby. Sabiha Gökçen Airport is located within Pendik limits. But it’s a long way from downtown. If you have come to Istanbul for a short visit, you can also think about this environment. Although far from the city center, you can find many shopping malls, exhibition areas and quality hotels in Pendik district.

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