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Top Things To Do in Istanbul

Top Things To Do in Istanbul

Top Things To Do in Istanbul

Istanbul is a city of beauties, with countless historical places and the beautiful Bosphorus it has. It is hard, and almost even impossible to visit or see every single historical place and every single beauty of the city, but there sure are some places that should definitely be seen when visiting Istanbul.

Visiting Hagia Sophia

Top Things to do in Istanbul

One of the top things to do in Istanbul is visiting Hagia Sophia for sure. Hagia Sophia is one of the most important places one should see when visiting Istanbul. With its unique architecture and very rich history, Hagia Sophia can be said to be the most important place to see when visiting Istanbul.

Visiting Topkapi Palace

Top Things To Do in Istanbul

Topkapi Palace was the heart of both the Ottoman Empire and Istanbul in the past. With its matchless beauty of architecture, Topkapi Palace had served as a home for Ottoman sultans for over 450 years. Topkapi Palace is very close to Hagia Sophia, and it should definitely be on your list when you are visiting Istanbul.

Wandering Around The Grand Bazaar

Top Things To Do in Istanbul

Grand Bazaar is the oldest bazaar in Istanbul that still serves as a place of attraction for both tourists and locals. Grand Bazaar was built just after Topkapi Palace in 1461, and has been used as a trade center ever since, for over 560 years. You can find both peculiar souvenirs and local items to buy when wandering around the Grand Bazaar.

Sightseeing From The Top of The Galata Tower

Top Things To Do in Istanbul

Galata Tower is seen as the pearl of Istanbul by many locals and tourists, and it is surely one of the most beautiful attractions in Istanbul. With its beautiful story and unique architecture, Galata Tower is one of the places that you should see when you are visiting Istanbul. Sightseeing from the top of the Galata Tower is one of the most unique and beautiful experiences one can have in Istanbul.

Is It Worth Traveling With An Agency in Istanbul?

Top Things To Do in Istanbul

Istanbul is a very big city with being founded on two different continents and the Bosphorus in between. It would take weeks for one to travel around Istanbul and visit places that are worth seeing by themself. For this reason, traveling with an agency in Istanbul is a good choice, since it helps one to both save time and money, while also enabling them to see more places and do more local activities.


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