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Turkish Citizenship By Investment

Turkish Citizenship By Investment

In this article, you will read how to get Turkish Citizenship By Investment.

Turkish Citizenship By Investment

Some people living in foreign countries want to become Turkish citizens. In this process, which covers certain procedures, it is necessary to apply the desired conditions without attachment and in full. Although the process of becoming a Turkish citizen covers a long time, it is under the desired documents and conditions. This process, which is quite costly, should be applied to everyone who wants to become a Turkish citizen. Many documents and investments can be resolved in 3 or 4 months with the follow-up of a good legal advisor in this process. If my procedures are incomplete and inadequate, it may take up to 1 year.

Documents for Acquiring Turkish Citizenship By Investment

There are some documents and documents requested from every person who wants to gain Turkish citizenship by investment. The most important of these documents is the application form and the identity document of the country to which the person belongs. In addition, if the person is married and has children under the age of 18, the identity of each of them is included in other documents. If the person and the members of the family have passport photographs, birth certificates, official document showing the marital status, tourist visa or residence permit certificate, and if there is a Turkish citizen among the relatives of the person, the residence certificate and photocopy of the identity card and passport translation of these persons are also included in the other documents requested.

What are the Requirements to Acquire Turkish Citizenship By Investment?

There are transactions to be made in the investment area before the completion of the documents for the Turkishcitizenship. At the beginning of the investment conditions is to own at least 250 thousand US dollars of immovable property and to make an annotation that cannot be sold within 3 years through the land registry office, to invest capital in a way that does not fall below 500 thousand US dollars, to specify a construction servitude purchased with 250 thousand US dollars or to specify an article that cannot be sold and transferred for 3 years for a condominium building. After these transactions are made, other information to be checked includes investing in 50 people within the boundary of Turkey, depositing 500 thousand US dollars in Turkish banks and not withdrawing them for 3 years, and purchasing at least 500 thousand US dollars of State borrowing instruments provided that they do not sell and transfer them for 3 years. Finally, it is to receive a participation share in real estate or venture capital investment fund that meets at least 500 thousand US dollars and to undertake that it will not dispose of it for 3 years. Persons who comply with these conditions may be entitled to receive Turkish Citizenship. For information about Turkish citizenship, it will be sufficient to contact Istanbooltour. You can contact Istanbool Tour via WhatsApp (+90542 625 14 25) or you can get detailed information by clicking here and get support for Turkish Citizenship by investment.

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