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10 Places to Visit in Istanbul

10 Places to Visit in Istanbul

10 Places to Visit in Istanbul

1- Hagia Sophia

2- Blue Mosque

3- Basilica Cistern

4- Topkapı Palace

5- Bosphorus

6- Galata Tower

7- Istiklal Avenue

8- Maiden’s Tower

9- Dolmabahce Palace

10- Golden Horn

Istanbul is Turkey’s most curious and most visited city. It is a cultural capital that has been the capital of different civilizations. Historical buildings and the Bosphorus are the most visited places. For this reason, there are many places to visit. For you, we have written 10 places that everyone who comes to visit Istanbul must see. Welcome to Istanbul 😊

Hagia Sophia

An important heritage not only for Istanbul, Hagiafosya was a cathedral built by the Byzantine Emperor Justinian I, and was converted into a mosque in 1453 with the conquest of Istanbul by Fatih Sultan Mehmet. Hagia Sophia, which opened its doors to its visitors as a museum with the Republic of Turkey, is now used as a mosque again. This holy place, which is one of the first structures that comes to mind when Istanbul is mentioned, should be one of the first places you will visit.

Blue Mosque

Blue Mosque (Sultan Ahmet Mosque), one of the symbols of Istanbul, was built by the Ottoman Sultan Ahmed I. It welcomes us as one of the two most beautiful temples in Istanbul, right across from Hagia Sophia. Sultan Ahmet Mosque will be one of the places where you will especially admire its interior architecture.

Basilica Cistern

After visiting Hagia Sophia and Blue Mosque, the hidden treasure waiting for you in a very close place; Basilica Cistern. This cistern, which was built by the Byzantine emperor Justinianus and is the largest cistern in the city, will fascinate you from the moment you enter its door.

Topkapi Palace

Topkapı Palace is another must-see historical building located in the historical center of Istanbul, where the first 3 suggestions we made are included. This palace, which served the Ottoman Empire as the administrative center for 400 years, was built by Fatih Sultan Mehmet, who conquered Istanbul. Get ready for a trip where you will feel all the history and magnificence of the Ottoman Empire and go on a historical journey.


If you have not visited the Bosphorus before leaving Istanbul, cancel your flight ticket immediately 😊 Because Istanbul is not considered to be visited without seeing the Bosphorus. From the beginning to the end of the Bosphorus, everywhere of it is beautiful enough to impress you. Let’s also give you a secret that you can enjoy this beautiful Bosphorus in the most wonderful way; Istanbul Bosphorus Tour. Get ready for a tour that will fascinate you every minute with various tours that you can easily reach from our website.

Galata Tower

Galata Tower, one of the most beautiful symbols of Istanbul, greets us as a structure that can be seen from some where of the city and creates a special view for every place it is seen. You can visit the inside of the tower and enjoy a beautiful Istanbul view from the viewing terrace

Istiklal Street

After your Galata Tower visit, if you want to take a walk and drink your coffee in a nice cafe, your route will be Istiklal Street. Various cafes, eateries and shopping malls await you on this pedestrian street.

Maiden’s Tower

Welcoming you at the beginning of the Bosphorus, the beautiful girl of Istanbul, Maiden’s Tower is one of the symbolic structures you should visit. You can visit this tower from the Byzantine period, which is located on a tiny islet in the middle of the sea, with the Maiden’s Tower Tours on our site, or you can experience an architectural pleasure by watching it from the opposite side.

Dolmabahçe Palace

Dolmabahçe Palace, which is one of the most prominent structures in Istanbul’s palaces, was built by Sultan Abdülmecid during the Ottoman period. Dolmabahçe Palace is also known as the place where the founder of the Turkish Republic, Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, died. You can witness both the perfect attraction of the Bosphorus in this palace, where you will go on a historical journey.

Golden Horn (Golden Horn)

We can count hundreds of places to see in Istanbul, but if we have to count the top 10, one of the places that must be on this list is the Golden Horn. You can walk around the shore of this sea recess, known as the Golden Horn of Istanbul, and enjoy your Turkish coffee on Pierre Loti hill, which is known as the place that sees the Golden Horn most beautifully.

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