Istanbul Sunset Tour
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Istanbul Sunset Cruise on the Bosphorus

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Istanbul Sunset Cruise on the Bosphorus

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Istanbul’s Bosphorus Strait is one of Turkey’s most famous tourist destinations, thanks to its breathtaking beauty and lengthy history. With several historical and architectural wonders located beside it, the Bosphorus is not only a thing of beauty in and of itself, but it also adds to the uniqueness and beauty of these historical and architectural masterpieces.

One of the most unique and beautiful experiences you can have in or around the Bosphorus is a Bosphorus Cruise. While there are various types of Bosphorus Cruises provided by Istanbool Tour, each offering a different experience with pleasing services, the Istanbul Sunset Cruise on the Bosphorus offers a completely unique and beautiful experience. Further in this article, we will inform you about IstanboolTour’s 3.5-hour long Istanbul Sunset Cruise on the Bosphorus, what it offers, and how you can participate.

Bosphorus Strait
Bosphorus Sunset Tour
Istanbul Sunrise Cruise
Istanbul Sunrise Tour
Istanbul Sunset Cruise on the Bosphorus
Istanbul Sunset Tour
Istanbul Sunset Tour
Sunset Cruise on the Bosphorus
Sunset Cruise on the Bosphorus
Sunset Cruise on the Bosphorus
Bosphorus Strait

What Is An Istanbul Sunset Tour, And What Does It Offer?

Istanbul Sunset Cruise on the Bosphorus provided by IstanboolTour is a completely unique experience, with the 3.5-hour long experience offering you to enjoy many beautiful sights of the city in the sunset.

The Istanbul Sunset Tour starts at 18.00, exactly when the city has just started taking a breath from the hustle and bustle, and the joyfulnes of the Bosphorus is the most beautiful. The tour starts from the Eminonu Ferry Station, and our experienced captain takes you on a 3.5-hour long trip, which you will never forget.

During the tour, you will be able to cruise the Bosphorus from end to end, and watch the beautiful sights from all over the Bosphorus. You will be able to enjoy the beautiful sight of the silhouette of the city, just as the sun goes down, creating a beautiful and calming atmosphere.

During the tour, you will be able to enjoy the beauties of the city with your drink from our onboard bar, while also listening to the calming sounds of the waves and the birds. Additionally, you will also be informed about the history of the city, and the places you see, by our professional tour guide that is able to speak both English and Russian.

Our professional tour guide will be at your service from the beggining to the end of the tour, for 3.5 hours. During this period, you will be able to get information from them, and ask them questions about the city and the history of the city if you desire.

Sunset Tour Transportation

IstanboolTour also offers transportation services both to the ferry station before the tour, and from the ferry station to your hotel/home after the tour. With our highly comfortable and luxurious vehicles, and our experienced drivers, you will be able to enjoy the Istanbul Sunset Cruise on the Bosphorus without any problems before or after the tour. Additionally, you can also attend other daily tours before participating in the Sunset Tour at evening.

You can book your transportation to or from the ferry station up to a week in advance, and you can enjoy your tour without any concerns.


You can book your Bosphorus Sunset Tour with Istanbool Tour both online and by phone. To book your tour online, you can simply click here to go to our booking page. Additionally, you can also contact us at (+90 542 625 14 25) via Whatsapp Message or by calling to book your Bosphorus Sunset Tour.


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